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The Professional Quitters is a group coaching program and community created for women of color job seekers who are ready to HAND IN THEIR RESIGNATION LETTER and land their new job making up to 50% more in their paychecks.

Enrolling in this community means you are ready to put yourself and your needs first in your career and quit any spaces, paths, or jobs that do not align with that.

The Professional Quitters group program includes:

-The Professional Quitters course which includes modules on job search confidence building, career clarity, identifying the best next job and company for you, and networking your way to a new role.

-Live resume and LinkedIn reviews monthly to ensure your brand is on point.

-Workshops in career and job search topics led by myself and other career guest experts.

-Opportunities to work one-on-one with me and the guest experts.

-A community platform to engage with your fellow crew members and me daily for extra support, coaching, and fun.

...and so much more.

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Through Jasmine's group program I was able to successfully pivot into a new industry and increase my salary by 46%.

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